Uploading files in bulk

At times units may have need of uploading a large batch of files at once. This is possible in the CMS by creating your own content type. 

NOTE: You must have Administrator rights to create content types

  1. Create (or edit) your own content type 
  2. If you are wanting to do one just for multiple files, give it a name like "Bulk file upload"
  3. When adding the fields, add a field of type "File", and set the widget to "multiupload"
    Add new field type file

    If you do not have a Multiupload option as seen above, you will need to have the Multiupload Filefield Widget module enabled. Request it to be enabled.

  4. Save your content type

When uploading files to this field, you can choose more than one file clicking browse and then holding down control or shift to select multiple files.

If you do not have the Multiupload option when attempting to create a bulk file uploading content type, you will need to have the module enabled on your account. Request the Multiupload option.

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