Required Block Customization

The Why KU Brag Points and the Apply and Give required blocks can be customized with site specific labeling and links.

NOTE: You must have Administrator rights to customize the required blocks

The Brag Points sidebar can be customized to pull brag points for your unit. It can also pull a customized number of points. 

To customize Brag Points:

  1. Go to Configuration
  2. Go to 2. KU Brag Points (Why KU)

    Screenshot of brag points
  3. Choose the Unit to pull brag points from in the dropdown menu

    Screenshot of selecting brag points
  4. Select the number of brag points you wish to display

Screen shot of number of brag point selection

5. Click Save Brag Point Configuration



The Apply and Give sidebar items can be customized.

To customize the Apply and Give sidebar items:

  1. Go to Configuration
  2. Go to 3. Sidebar items (Apply and Give areas)

    Screenshot of apply settings
  3. You can customize the Apply label and the Apply to KU URL. To do so type in new values.

    Screenshot of customizing the apply links
  4. You can also change the Give to KU Title and Give to KU URL. To do so type in new values

Screen shot of customize options for Give to KU

5. Click Save Configuration

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