Course Listings

The KU course listing module allows you to list courses on your website without having to retype the information found in the course catalog. This keeps the course information on your site up-to-date with the latest version of the catalog with no additional work on your part.

Courses can be listed in any content area or block.

To display course listings:

Type: [block:ku_courses=BUS:100-300]

Replace BUS with the prefix of the courses you want to show (eg, ENGR, JOUR, etc). Replace 100-300 with the range of numbers you wish to display.

The example above lists all business courses number 100-300. If you want to display a single courses, just set the range accordingly. EG, [block:ku_courses=BUS:101-101]

IMPORTANT: If the courses you wish to include have an ampersand in the prefix (eg, C&T), replace the & with |xa|. So C&T would become C|xa|T.

Example course listings:

Listing by principle or KU Core codes

You can also list courses based on their principle code or KU Core code. For example, to get all non-western courses, you would type:


You can also combine them with department codes.


Here are a list of codes you can use. You can combine more than one code by separating them with commas.

NWNon-Western culture (NW)
HTHistorical studies (HT)
HLLiterature and the arts (HL)
HRPhilosophy and religion (HR)
NBBiological sciences (NB)
NEEarth sciences (NE)
NMMathematical sciences (NM)
NPPhysical sciene (NP)
SCCulture and society (SC)
SIIndividual behavior (SI)
SFPublic affairs (SF)
clas_AE41,AE42Culture & Diversity (AE41, AE42)
clas_AE51,52Social Responsibility & Ethics (AE51, AE52)
clas_AE61Integration & Creativity (AE61)
clas_GE11,GE12Critical Thinking & Quantitative Literature (GE11, GE12)
clas_GE21,GE22Written & Oral Communication (GE21, GE22)
clas_GE3H,GE3N,GE3SBreadth of Knowledge (GE3H, GE3N, GE3S)



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