KU Homepage Instructions

To create a homepage using the new content type:

  1. Click Add Content in the gray admin toolbar.
  2. Click KU - homepage including full-width photo.
  3. Give the page a Title. 
    NOTE: This will not display on the page.
  4. Choose Option 1 or Option 2 from the dropdown menu. 
    NOTE: Clicking on a thumbnail below the dropdown enlarges the thumbnail so you can see it better but does not select the option.
  5. Upload a hero photo. 
    NOTE: The photo must be 2560 pixels x 600 pixels and high quality​. 
    OPTION: Download a hero photo or hero photo Photoshop template.
  6. Add an optional Hero Statement which will appear on top of the hero photo.
  7. Choose a color for the hero statement. 
    IMPORTANT: Be sure you can read the hero statement on the photo.
  8. Depending on the option populate the Site Summary or Top Content Area.
  9. Populate the Left Column and optionally the Middle Column and Right Column.
    Important with Option 2: Place block tokens in the Right Column if you want to include the sidebar. See block instructions for how to find your block token.
  10. Select Publishing Options in the bottom controls and check the This is the homepage for the site checkbox.
  11. Change the Moderation State to Published and click the Save button.

IMPORTANT: Find your original home page and delete it, unpublish it, or remove the check in the This is the homepage for the site checkbox with the publishing controls and publish the page.

homepage templatehomepage publishing options

CMS Help

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Please contact web services at 864-6415 or webservices@ku.edu for help with your site

Online help can be found under the How-To's section of this website.