It is possible to add custom Javascript to your site.

NOTE: You must have Site Administrator rights to add custom Javascript.

To add custom Javascript​

  1. Click Configuration in the black admin toolbar, then 5. Custom CSS and Javascript under KU Settings.
  2. Type in  any javascript you would like to run to the Additional/custom javascript field

NOTE: jQuery is installed by default on the server; to use it, follow this example:

         alert('some alert');

Adding an external javascript class

You can also refer to an external javascript file by adding it to the Other <head> HTML field, and sourcing your script directly.  


<script type="//"></script>

Common Javascript Requests



        <h3 class="head"><href="#">Title 1</a></h3>
        <div class="accordion">Number 1 contents</div>
        <h3 class="head"><href="#">Title 2</a></h3>
        <div class="accordion">Number 2 contents</div>
        <h3 class="head"><href="#">Title 3</a></h3>
        <div class="accordion">Number 3 contents</div>


                return false;

This code here is primarily for documentation purposes. For ease-of-use we have incorporated this into the CMS. Click here for details.

Show/Hide (toggle)


        <select id="SelectBoxId">
            <option>ID With Multiple Words</option
        <div id="1" class="hideme">Option 1 Selected</div>
        <div id="2" class="hideme">Option 2 Selected</div>
        <div id="ID_With_Multiple_Words" class="hideme">Option 3 Selected</div>


            var id='';

            id $kuj('#SelectBoxId').val().split(' ').join('_');
                id $kuj(this).val().split(' ').join('_');


Selected Option 1
Selected Option 2
Selected Option 3

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