Homepage (Legacy)

NOTE: This is the original CMS Homepage content type.

There are four sections of the Homepage (Legacy) content type:

  1. Slideshow area – for a rotating slide show
  2. Top content area
  3. Bottom left content area
  4. Bottom right content area

NOTE: The slideshow and bottom content areas are optional. If you only include a slideshow on your home page the page will have no content when viewed on a mobile device.


homepage example


To create a Homepage (Legacy):

  1. Enter a Title for the page.

    NOTE: The title will not appear on your homepage. It is used within the Admin console to be able to locate your content.

  2. Enter the token for your slideshow using this format: [view:ku_slideshow_gallery=slideshow_fullwidth=slideshowtag]
    Refer to the Slideshows & Galleries Instruction page for how to information
  3. Enter content for the Top content area.
  4. Enter content for the bottom left and bottom right content areas.
  5. Do not provide a menu link.
  6. At the bottom of the content type select Publishing Options then click the Make this the homepage checkbox.
  7. Save or publish your page.

homepage checkbox

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