General Content Pages

A general content page is a basic, simple page type that will be used for most of the pages on your website.

The page contains a large body field that can contain a variety on elements including text, photos or graphics, token code for slideshows, person profiles, and cherry-picked news, as well as widgets and blocks.

To create a General Content page:

  1. Click Add content in the gray shortcut bar at the top of the admin console. Select General Content page.
  2. Give your General Content page a Title

    OPTION: If you select the Exclude title from display checkbox below the Title field the title will not display on the page. You can then format a page heading within the Body field.

  3. OPTIONAL FIELD: The Tags field is optional but allows you to put specific searchable keyword “tags” associated with groups of General Content pages that have related content
  4. Add the content of the page in the Body field
  5. Provide a menu link and assign it's Parent menu item from the dropdown menu
    Refer to the Menus Instruction page for more information about Menus
  6. Publish or save the page as a draft

General Content Page Screenshot

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