There are two content types that make up degrees:

  • Degree - Add a degree
  • Degree - General content

The Degree content types provide a standard way to display information about Degree Programs across KU Academic websites.

Creating degrees is a two step process:

  1. The degree is defined with the Degree - Add a degree content type
  2. The detailed information about the degree is added with the Degree - General content content type

Degrees display as a list and then display the degree detail when the Degree's Offered link is clicked. 

Degree  List Example:

Degree list

Degree  Detail Example:

Degree dail

To Add a Degree

Go to Add content in the gray shortcut admin toolbar. Select Degree - add a Degree. You will be presented with a form with the following fields:

Title — the title of the degree. For example, Journalism: Strategic Communications.

Summary — A one-paragraph summary of the degree.
Degree title and summary snapshot

Degree Type(s)  A list of the various types of degree you offer for this degree. Use short abbreviations, like B.A., Ph.D, or short words like "Master's".  Click the Add Another Item button to add degrees. You can reorder your degree types by clicking and dragging on the cross-hair handle next to the degree type.

Degree Image  The degree photo appears next to the degree information in the Degree Listing (see above). The photo has to be a square image 220 pixels by 220 pixels.
IMPORTANT: Enter Alternate text for those with vision impairments that use screen readers.

Adding Degree Content

Once you have a degree created, you then add content to that degree.

To add content to the degree

Go to Add content in the gray shortcut bar. Then select Degree - General Content.  

You will be presented with a form with the following fields:

  • Title — This is the title of the page as it relates to the degree. For example  Overview - Master's of Journalism or Curriculum - Master's of Journalism 
  • Degree — Select the degree from the Degree popup menu
  • Degree Type — Select the Degree Type from the popup menu
    NOTE: both the Degree and Degree Type menu contents were created when you created the Degree - add a Degree in the first step.
  • Body — Add the content for the page

Degree General Form screenshot

Finally you need to add this new content to the degree menu.  To do this, click on on Menu settings and select the Provide a menu link checkbox. In the Parent Item dropdown menu select Degrees->your degree type.
Refer to the Menus Instruction page for more information about Menus

Finally, Publish or Save the page.

Continue to add pages to fully describe your degree, it's requirements etc.

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