Contact Page

The Contact Page shows a Google Map of your location and contact information for your office.

The Contact page is linked in your site footer. It is also a best practice to place it within your About menu.



To create a Contact page:

  1. Click Add content in the gray shortcut bar at the top of the admin console. Select Contact page
  2. Give your Contact page a Title
    NOTE: If you use any title other than Contact the title must also be changed by the Site Administrator on the Site & Template Settings configuration page or the link in the footer will be broken.
  3. Select your Building from the dropdown menu
    NOTE: If you do not find your building email
  4. Enter your building mailing address, phone number, email and any other contact information in the Offices field
  5. Provide a menu link and assign it's Parent menu item from the dropdown menu
    Refer to the Menus Instruction page for more information about Menus
  6. Publish or save the page as a draft

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