Working with files

When you click on the link  button in the content editor, you are presented with a dialog box with several options.   Choose URL from the "Link Type" dropdown.

Screenshot of link types

This will result in a couple of other options.  Click the "Browse Server" button.

At this point, you can browse to any upload file you've already uploaded.  In this example, we will upload a new file.  First, go to the docs directory.

Screenshot of docs directory

Click on the "Upload" arrow and choose the file you want to upload.

Click the Upload button and the file will now be in your file browers.  If you click on the file now, and click "Insert File", it will insert it into your link box.

Now just click "OK", and your document will be linked on your page successfully.

Alternatively, you can upload your files by clicking on "File Browser" in the top menu, and then inserting them later as needed.

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