Create a "Slide/Gallery Image"

  1. Click "Add Content" 
    Add content
  2. Choose "Slide/Gallery Image"
    Slide/Gallery Image
  3. Fill in the fields: ( * Required Fields )
    1. Image Title * - This is used mostly for you to keep track of the image internally.  Enter something that describes the image.
    2. Slide or Gallery Tag * - This allows you to group your images into categories.  For example, type "homepage" to create an image that you want to show on a homepage slideshow.  You can also include the image in multiple slideshows/galleries by adding multiple tags here (separated by commas)
    3. Slider Image * - Choose the image you are wanting to use.  Refer to the CSS Style Guide for recommended image sizes.
    4. Slider Link - If you would like the image to be clickable, enter the URL you would like to go to.
    5. Caption - If you would like the image to have a caption, enter the caption here.  You can include links and anything else you would like in this area.
    6. Caption Style - Choose a background style for your caption.  A black box will be a slightly transparent black box, blue will be slightly transparent blue, etc.
    7. Caption Location - Choose where on the image you would like the caption to be displayed.  Be sure to test your choice at multiple browser sizes (once your slideshow or gallery is set up).
    8. Weight - This value is automatically adjusted when you select to "Change the order" on a slideshow so you can leave it at the default value of 0.  This can be used to adjust the order in which images appear, lower values will appear before larger values.  
  4. Publish/Save the image

To add additional images to your slideshow or gallery, repeat the above steps.  Remember, images are grouped based on the "Slide or Gallery Tag"

*If the slideshow is not showing up correctly, try clearing your site cache.

Adding a slideshow or gallery to a page

Slideshows can be added to any page on your site.  To add a slideshow to a page, type one of the below code into a block or content area. Change the tag/keyword after the equals sign to distinguish the slideshow from any others that already exist on the site.


Full-width slideshow without thumbnails or bottom navigation.   Change "homepage to whatever "Slide or Gallery Tag" you want to pull images from.  Should work well for any page. Example

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