Person Profile Page

When creating a Person Profile page you are presented with multiple options for content:

  • Name – required field
  • Title – Click the “Add another item” button for multiple levels for the Faculty titles
  • Email – official KU email address
  • Phone – Office Phone
  • Building Address – Information for the Faculty member’s office
  • Picture - Click the “Browse…” button to upload an image of the Faculty member. Note: the image must be 180x225 pixels and at most 60kb in size. Also, the image must be saved in .jpg or .png format.
  • Brief Summary – main content area for the faculty member. Typically, this section would contain similar information included on a Curriculum Vitae or CV. For example, classes taught or currently teaching, current research projects and/or a list of publications.
  • Video embed code – allows for the embed code for faculty video “greeting.” For information about using KU’s video streaming service, Kaltura, visit this page.
  • Personal Links – allows for links to personal websites or websites related to the faculty member’s position
  • All other content- allows for information that doesn’t make sense in any of the other before mentioned sections.
  • Tags – Field that can be used to group together faculty in specific listings (see below)

Person Listing

Once you have entered in some faculty profiles, you can display them in a listing using some specialized code.  To do this:

  1. Create a new General Content Page
  2. In the Body area, type in:
    (=tags is an optional parameter.  If you type in tags here (separated by commas), you can filter the faculty you want back.  So if you have typed "leadership" in as a tag for your dean, you could get a list with only your dean by doing [view:people=list=leadership]
  3. Save and publish the page.  You will get something similar to this:

By default the listing is in alphabetical order by last name. Alternatively you can enter in an "alternate order" number and have it sort by that instead using the following syntax:

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