Manage Fields: Image Field Type

  1. By default, you will see a number of fields already provided for you.  These are all fields that we will be using, we just need to add a few more.

    Default fields

  2. For our Visiting Lecturers content type, we want to give our users the ability to easily add an image to the page.  In order to do that, we will need to add an image field.  In the Add new field area, enter in the label for your new field -- in this case "Image" -- and then select Image in the Field Type drop down menu and then click the Save button

    Add new field - Image

    If another content type already has an "Image" field, then the Machine Name most likely will already be in use and Drupal will alert you.  You can edit your new Image field's machine name, without having to change your label, to get around that error.

    Update Machine Name

  3. We can now update the Field Settings for our new Image field.  You can set a default image for your content type if one is not available when the user is posting.  This is handy so that it does not break your design by having some with images and some without.  If you choose to use a default image, select it, upload it, and then click the Save field settings button.

    Image Field Settings

  4. We can now add more settings to this field.  We can do the following:
    • We can make it a required field — If you already have a default image, you may not need to make it required.
    • Add some Help text — Text that you can use to explain what this field is intended to be used for in your content type.
    • Define the Allowed file extensions — Recommend leaving the defaults.
    • Specify the File directory -- For where the images uploaded via this content type will be stored.
    • Set your minimum and maximum image resolution — While you can manipulate how your images will be displayed via CSS, it is a good idea to set these if you want to have consistent width and height on your images.
    • Set maximum upload size — If you do not set your maximum image resolution, this would help to ensure that your page will not be slowed down by loading huge images.
    • Enable the Alt field — Highly recommend it to ensure that our content type is ADA compliant.
  5. After you have saved all of your settings for the image field, we can now move it.  We want the image field to appear directly after the Title field, so you can click and drag the cross-hair icon next to Image and drag it to where you want it to go.  Once you have done that, click on the Save button.

    Move Image field up

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