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Navigation for academic units

Part of the CMS initiative is to improve the usability of KU's academic unit websites by providing consistent navigation, which makes it easy for site visitors to find what they're looking for. The required site structure for academic unit sites is shown below. Some alterations may be allowed but please consult with the KU Office of Marketing and Communication before making any changes.

Academic Sitemap


The home page might feature a slideshow, unit news, unit events, and other information you wish to highlight.


Create your own sub-sections within the About section in addition to the suggested pages listed below. Other sub-page suggestions are Overview, Dean's message, Mission & Values, History, Accreditation.

  • News: A list of your news articles (cherry picked from KU News).
  • Events: A list of your events (populated dynamically from the KU calendar).
  • Contact: Contact information and a Google map of your unit's location.


  • Degrees: a list of all degrees, minors, certificates, etc. that your unit offers. Along with in a set of sub-pages to make it very easy for current and prospective students to find all information relevant to their degree or major.
  • Courses: A listing of courses, course descriptions and class times pulled in from the Academic Catalog.
  • Advising: describe your unit's advising process and how to schedule an appointment. If needed, use in-page tabs to separate undergraduate and graduate advising.
  • Non-majors: a page to present any information that non-majors might need such as what, if any, courses non-majors can take from your unit.
  • Policies: listing of your unit's academic policies, or links to policies in the KU Policy Library.


Describe your unit’s admission requirements.


Highlight any research efforts that your unit has. Provide brief descriptions and links to any applicable centers or institutes.


People pages have two views: list view and detail view.

Lists contain a photo and a brief summary for each person. People can be grouped together in the list view by position, so that as an example, Faculty, Administration, Staff personnel can be grouped together on People list pages.

Detail pages are very flexible and in addition to a photo can contain very brief information or quite in-depth information about each person.

Alumni & Friends

Use this sub-section as needed. Content might include Newsletters, Giving, Donor list, Reunions, Keep in touch, etc.


The Research section could be used to provide links to commonly used forms, documents, policies, or pages. The section might also be used to provide information on any free or for-pay services or clinics you offer to the public or the KU community.

Training Calendar