How to Embed Video

  1. To begin go to the YouTube page of the video. Next complete the following steps to get the embed code for the video.

    Refer to the image below to see where to click for each step:

    1. Click on the share link (in red)
    2. Click on the Embed link (in blue)
    3. Copy the embed code from the text box (in green)

  2. You can display a video in a variety of places within the CMS. You can place your video on a general content page, the home page, on a Faculty page etc.  Click "Add Content" and select the content type you wish to create.
  3. Give the page a title.
  4. Within any area the uses the WYSIGWYG Conent Editor. Click the Embed Media icon that looks like a film strip  .  See the diagram below

    If the Embed Media icon does not appear in your toolbar then you can send an email to to request it be activated for your site.  Please include which site the request is for in the email.  IE: Please verify that the KU CKEditor MediaEmbed module is enabled and turn on the KU Media Embed plugin for [your site address here].
  5. After clicking the icon the Embed Media window will popup.  Paste the code from green box above into this window and click OK. This will insert a box that says IFRAME in red into ckeditor. 
  6. Save a draft and/or publish the page.

Here is an example:

KU's MediaHub helps faculty, staff and departments manage and share videos that are not in Blackboard―especially for those who want to have group ownership of online video files. Described as a YouTube for campuses, this service uses a Web-based interface to post, manage and publish videos that can be shared with others internal and external to the University. MediaHub can be accessed at

To Upload Videos:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your KU Online ID
  3. Click on "Media Upload" (left side of screen)
  4. Click on the "+ Choose a file to upload" button
  5. Select your video and click "Open"
  6. Give your video a Name, and (optionally) add a Description and Tags
  7. Click "Save" or add another file by clicking "+ Choose another file"
  8. After progress bar completes your upload, click the green "Go to media page" link
Your video will begin transcoding. Depending on the length/size of your video, this could take anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. You may need to refresh the page (or click on "My Media" link) to see if your video is finished.


To Share Your Videos:

  1. Click on the thumbnail or link of the video you'd like to share.
  2. Click the "Share" tab below the video
    1. To share via a direct link to a page with this (and only this) video on it, copy the URL in the "Link to Media Page" box
    2. To share via HTML Embed Code, click the "Embed" button, select a player skin and size, and copy the contents of the "Embed Code" box
You can share that URL by any means you'd like – through email, on a web page, etc. Similarly, you can use that HTML Embed Code by pasting it into any existing web page.


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