Homepage content type

There are four sections of the Homepage content type:

  1. Slideshow area – for a rotating slide show
  2. Top content area – for the page main content
  3. Bottom left content area – the default template this area contains the KU calendar
  4. Bottom right content area – put additional department specific content in this area.

For more information about Homepage content, see the Information Architecture page.

Adding a home page

After logging in, click content->add content-> homepage

Add homepage

(if you are editing a homepage, click content, and click edit next to the homepage you wish to edit).

  1. Enter a title for this page.  Typically this would be "Homepage", or "Homepage fall 2012", etc.
  2. The slideshow area allows you to easily include a slideshow at the top of your homepage.  You will first need to create your slideshow.  Once it has been created, you can use the below format to include it on your homepage:

    (where Page Title is the title of your slideshow).
    Slideshow area
  3. The other content areas can contain text to appear in the indicated positions.
    Homepage example
  4. Finally, you need to set this as the homepage and publish it. On the bottom left of the page, click Publishing Options.Screenshot of publishing options
    Now, check the box; “This is the homepage for the site” and click the drop-down list under Moderation State and select Published.
    Screenshot of "this is the homepage for the site"

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