Field Collections: Date Field Type

  1. Upon going to Structure -> Field Collections, you will see the field collection we created in the previous step.  Click on Manage Fields for the field collection used in our new content type.

    Field Collection screen - click on manage fields

  2. This should look familiar to you now.  To add a date field, go to Add new field, enter in your label, edit the machine name if needed, select Date from the Field Type drop down menu, and in the Widget drop down select Pop-up calendar and click Save.

    Create date field type and pop-up calendar widget

  3. You will now be able to set some specific settings for this Date field.

  4. After saving the field settings, once again you can make it required, add help text, but also do some More Settings and Values associated with date fields. By clicking on that accordion, we can specify the form we want the date and time to be entered, how far back we want to allow the user to go back, how far into the future they can go, time increments, and set the default date.

    More Settings and Values for Date field

  5. Click Save and now we are ready to add the location field to our field collection.

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