Degree information is displayed in a slightly different manner in the CMS.  Once degrees have been added, you will see a list of degrees at, in the following format:
Degreelist snapshot



A page create using the "Degree" content type will look simlar to:

Screenshot of example degree

Adding Degrees

Prior to adding degree content, you must first set up your degree.  To do this, click Content->add Content->Degree - Add a Degree.  You will be presented with a form with the following options:

Title & Summary
Title is the title of the degree.  This should be something similar to "Journalism: Strategic Communications".   Summary is a short, one-paragraph summary of the degree.
Degree title and summary snapshot

Degree Type(s)
Degree types should be a list of the various types of degree you offer for this degree.  Use short abbreviations, like "B.A.", "Ph.D", or short words like "Master's".  You can reorder your degree types by clicking and dragging on the cross-hair next to the degree type.

Degree Image
The degree image appears next to the degree information in the listing (see above).  It should be an image 220px by 220px.

Adding Degree Content

Once you have a degree created, you can add content to that degree.  To do this, click Content->Add Content->Degree - General Content.  You will be presented with a form with the following fields:

  • Title - This is the title of the page as it relates to the degree.  Examples might be "Overview - Master's of Journalism', 'Curriculum - Master's of Journalism', etc.
  • Degree - Select the degree from the list that you just added.
  • Degree Type - Select which section you would like this to appear in based on the degree type.
  • Body - The content for the page

Degree General Form screenshot

Finally you need to add this new content to the degree menu.  To do this, click on on Menu Settings and check "Provide a Menu Link".  In your list of links, select the correct location Academics->Degrees->your degree type.

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