Custom Content Type Tutorial

For the purposes of this tutorial, we will be building a custom content type for Visiting Lecturers. This content type will collect the following types of information:

Example of Finished Content Type

  • Image of Lecturer
  • Date and time of lecture(s)
  • Location of lecture(s)
  • Body
  • URL of lecturer's website

In creating this content type we will go over the following:

  • Field Collections
  • Taxonomies
  • Custom Groups and styling
  • Date settings
  • URL alias patterns


  1. Add New Content Type: Settings
  2. Manage Fields: Image Field Type
  3. Manage Fields: Link Field Type
  4. Manage Fields: Field Collections
  5. Field Collections: Date Field Type
  6. Field Collections: Location Term Reference
  7. Manage Display: Add New Group
  8. Manage Display: Field Collection Items
  9. Date and Time Display Settings
  10. Create Custom URL Alias Pattern for your content type

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