Font Styles

h1: this is an h1 tag (Georgia)
this is line 2

h2: this is an h2 tag (Georgia)
this is line 2

h3: this is an h3 tag (Georgia)
this is line 2

h4: this is an h4 tag (Georgia)
this is line 2

h5: this is an h5 tag (Georgia)
this is line 2
h6: this is an h6 tag (Georgia)
this is line 2

This is the font (Helvetica) used by Paragraphs and non-header text throughout the site. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quae cum dixisset, finem ille. Tum Piso: Atqui, Cicero, inquit, ista studia, si ad imitandos summos viros spectant, ingeniosorum sunt.

strong: This is a strong tag

em: This is an em tag

  • ul: This is an unordered list
    line 2
  • Item 2

  1. ol: This is an ordered list
    line 2
  2. Item 2

This is a dl list. This element has type dt
This element has type dd

hr: above and below (and all lines on this page) are the "hr" tag

Example of a <blockquote> tag

This is an example <address> tag

        This is an example
   of some text
     within a <pre> tag

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