Create Custom URL Alias Pattern for your content type

  1. In the scenario we have been using of collecting Visiting Lecturers through our custom content type, there are instances where it would be preferable to have all of the URLs of these pages have a consistent pattern.  In this case, let's make it so that all of our URLs all begin with "lecturers/" so that they will appear as  To do that add new content with your Visiting Lecturers content type and then go to the bottom of the page where you would publish, but click on the URL Path Settings tab and click on the Configure URL alias patterns link.

    Configure URL alias patterns

  2. This will take you to the URL aliases page (Configuration -> Search and metadata -> URL aliases).  The Default path pattern is set to [node:title], copy this value and then find the Pattern for all Visiting Lecturers paths field and add the following: lecturers/[node:title] and then click Save configuration.

    Set URL alias

  3. Now all pages created with this content type will follow this pattern by default when published.

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