Countdown widget

The KU Countdown block allows you to add countdown timers to your website and display them in your unit sidebar.

Locate the widget configuration page

  1. Login as an Administrator
  2. Click on "Configuration"
  3. Click on "KU Countdown widget configuration"

The configuration page features an overview of your site's countdown timers, their settings, and the widget's main settings.

Adding/editing a timer

To add a new event, click "Create a new countdown timer" in the "Countdown timers" overview section. To edit an event, find the event in the "Countdown timers" overview section and either click its name or its 'edit' link on the righthand side of the table.

The event name and timer date/time fields are required. Each countdown timer has configuration options to change how the timer behaves when the countdown is completed, and additional information that is displayed with the countdown.

When the timer is completed

By default, the timer stops at zero and is kept visible to the end-user for an hour. After that hour is complete, the timer is hidden. What is shown to the user upon expiration can be customized via the "Completed display" field. The duration between timer expiration and removal can be customized via the 'Duration to display completed timer' field.

Additional options

Descriptive text can be added below the timer. It accepts standard html markup.

A link to more information can be added at the bottom of each widget by providing a URL in the "More information link" field.

Widget settings

The nearest upcoming event is displayed to the end-user by default. This can be changed by selecting the desired event from the "Default timer" dropdown.

"Widget style" offers a few different styling options for the block.

The widget's default block wording is "Countdown to EVENT NAME HERE." The first part can be customized by changing the "Widget title." Example: Instead of countdown, "Time until" could be used.

Unit sidebar

By default, the block is disabled. We suggest moving it onto the Unit/dept sidebar via the Blocks page under "Structure."

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