Contact page

Site Administrators and Editors can use the Contact Page to list the locations for your unit across the institution.

For example, use the Contact page when you wish to reference your main office and any satellite offices locations. Or, list frequently contacted numbers within a unit like a general department contact number and/or email address.

One of the main benefits of using the Contact page involves the Building down-down list. When you select your building the Contact Page will automatically display a Google map for visitors to your location.

Example map of the school of journalism.

To create a new Contact page:

Log into the CMS

1. After login you now have the ability to create new or edit content.

Add/Edit Screenshot


Click the “Add content” option at the top of the page to create a new page

Click the “New draft” option to edit an existing page. Note: Moderate allows you to access previous versions of a page.

2. Select "Contact page"
3. Enter a page Title, choose Building from the dropdown list and enter the information using the WYSIWYG editor under Offices. Screenshot of create a contact page

As with all pages created in the CMS, the Contact Page will be placed into Draft status when saved. You can use the Workbench to change the status to “Published.”

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