Workbench & Moderation - Site Administrator Guide

The CMS is equipped with a functioning workflow/approval process for new content.  By setting up your site with multiple contributors and editors, you can easily spread out the work needed for your site content.  The basic complete workflow would look something like this.

  1. Contributor logs in
  2. Contributor adds/edits content
  3. Contributor makes some more changes later and is happy with result.
  4. Contributor submits the content for review
  5. Editor is notified via email, and logs into the CMS
  6. Editor reviews content, changes, etc, and makes any other changes as necessary.
  7. Editor approves/publishes the content

Workflow is automatic for contributors.  Every time a contributor adds or edits content, it is placed in either "Draft" or "Needs review" status.  You can view all content you have by clicking on the "My Workbench" link at the top left (also available to contributors and editors).

Drafts view in workbench screenshot

With each piece of content, you'll see a "moderation state" and a "moderate" column.  The moderate column is a quick way to move content from one state to another.  By clicking on the "Needs review" tab at the top, you'll see all content ready for review.

Needs review screenshot

You can click on the "title" to view the details of the edit.  You can also move the article back to draft, or publish the article straight from this screen.  Alternatively, you can also publish the article on the resulting article page using the dropdown box.


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